July 2024 | June 2024

• SAA accidents from 1937 - 1987 • Changes in Store for Pilots during 2013 • Batteries can fly - dreamliners cannot • The value of a good CRM • Final data from Red Bull Stratos freefall. • USS Harry S Truman - Multifunctional taskforce in the Arabian sea • Handover of Botswana Defence Force PC-7 MkII • Nigel Hopkins - Aerobatics and Airliners do go • Denel Pilots spread their wings into Africa • The growing potential of Russian Helicopters in Latin America • Snake on a plane! • The anmanned problem • Airborne Insurance and Aircraft Finance Coporation Student of the year award • Rolls Royce Trent 1000 visited • Gulfstream G280 sets 15 new city-pair speed records as part of the reliability demonstration program And lots more!!

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