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Harper's Bazaar India is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine published by the India Today Group. It is the Indian edition of the American fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar. The magazine was launched in 1996 and is currently the most popular fashion magazine in India. It covers a wide range of fashion topics, including runway trends, beauty, and celebrity style. The magazine also features interviews with leading fashion figures, as well as articles on culture, art, and lifestyle. Harper's Bazaar India has been praised for its high-quality editorial content and its stunning fashion photography. The magazine has won numerous awards, including the Elle Style Awards India and the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards. Here are some of the features of Harper's Bazaar India Magazine: * High-quality editorial content: Harper's Bazaar India features in-depth articles on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The magazine also features interviews with leading fashion figures. * Focus on Indian fashion: Harper's Bazaar India also features Indian fashion designers and models. The magazine is committed to promoting Indian fashion on the global stage. * Focus on lifestyle: Harper's Bazaar India goes beyond fashion to explore a wide range of lifestyle topics, such as travel, food, and health.

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