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'Officiel India is a fashion magazine published in India by TCG Media Limited. It is a part of the international L'Officiel magazine group, which has editions in over 30 countries. L'Officiel India was launched in 2006 and is published monthly. It covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and culture. The magazine features interviews with fashion designers, models, and celebrities, as well as editorials, features, and news. L'Officiel India is aimed at a sophisticated and discerning audience. It is known for its high-quality photography and editorial content. The magazine is a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts in India. Here are some of the features of L'Officiel India: * Fashion: L'Officiel India features the latest trends in fashion from India and around the world. It covers runway shows, designer collections, and street style. * Beauty: L'Officiel India covers the latest beauty trends and products. It features interviews with beauty experts, makeup tutorials, and skincare advice. * Lifestyle: L'Officiel India covers a variety of lifestyle topics, including travel, food, and culture. It features interviews with celebrities, travel guides, and recipes. * Culture: L'Officiel India covers the latest in art, music, and literature. It features interviews with artists, music reviews, and book excerpts. If you are interested in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, or culture, then L'Officiel India is a must-read. It is the best source of information on the latest trends and insights in these areas.

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